John Pye Technical was established in 2018 to meet client’s requests for a repair and refurbishment service for goods prior to sale and process the growing number of items that require data control and erasure.

These services made us the first commercial auction house in the UK to have in-house technical repair and refurbishment centre. Our engineering team has a combined industry experience of over 110 years between them. Coming from different backgrounds with a range of technical skills and qualifications enables us to offer you a comprehensive service, and with ongoing investment in training and equipment we are constantly evolving and improving this service.

To support our clients and the John Pye network with these services, we have state of the art technical lab facilities at our Marchington Auction Hub with skilled staff and all the equipment required to offer a fully data compliant end to end process.

The following is a selection of the type of items we deal with daily:

  • Desktop PC’s & iMacs
  • Laptops & MacBooks
  • Tablets & iPads
  • Mobile Phones
  • Smart Devices
  • Drones
  • Games Consoles
  • Audio Systems
  • Electrical Tools
  • Beauty Electrical
  • Photo Optical
  • Cameras

We are an Environment Agency T11 exemption registered facility and have a spare parts harvesting policy in place to ensure we maximise value from functional spare parts removed from products otherwise deemed as damaged beyond economic repair, reduces the amount of WEEE disposal.

Whilst we aim to minimise clients stock going to WEEE we offer a fully compliant WEEE service. Working with certified partners, processing products with a comprehensive Serial and IMEI number tracking, providing certified assurance and audit trail of all items supplied to us.

All of this combined means that we are reducing landfill, supporting your environmental targets and data commitments whilst providing an additional revenue stream.

In summary, we provide 100% root to branch support to our clients, with all operations undertaken in house. The collective experience and commitment of our team ensures that we are always focused on the needs, concerns and goals of our much valued clients.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your environmental and business goals.


Repair & Refurbishment

We are extending the life of products through our services, resulting in less environmental impact for our clients in addition to an increase in revenue. With our team of skilled engineers and fully equipped workshop we can repurpose and refurbish most electrical products, such as TVs, Desktop and Laptop Computers (Mac and Windows OS) Smartphones, Cameras, Audio and Electrical Beauty.

A range of services are used to repair and repurpose your electrical products including diagnostics and troubleshooting, component level repairs, spare part procurement and supply, firmware updates, operating system updates and installation.

We work to all relevant ISO accreditations, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 and our T11 EA accreditation allows us to process products that have previously been designated as WEEE.

We are also proud to be an associate member of BIRA, the foremost organisation for the electrical and electronic industry and work in accordance with the BIRA Code of Practice. JPT is also subject to annual review/audit by major clients.

Working with our team results in the following benefits for your business of reduced landfill, goods given a second life for retail, less demand for new products and in turn, less demand for raw materials and energy consumption.

Data Wiping

All equipment that is capable of holding data has a process of data cleansing carried out by the John Pye Technical Team prior to placing equipment into the auction environment. The aforementioned process can be a multi pass wipe and reintroduction of the appropriate operating system or application of the Blancco software process which provides a certified grade of data cleansing compliant with Government and enterprise level companies.

All John Pye staff involved in the application of the Data Wipe process have unique ID refs that allow a chain of custody from initial product inspection through to final sale. Prior to inclusion into an auction, all products have a secondary Data Wipe check.

Full transparency is maintained throughout our operational processes, offering reassurance for both customers and clients.

Data-sensitive items received, follow a strict yet simple process:

  • Stock is received onsite and cross referenced against a manifest, where provided, to offer traceability
  • Assets then undergo secure data erasure using industry standard erasure software
  • If the asset will not power up, the hard drive is removed (where possible) and placed in an external caddy for erasure
  • If the hard drive is faulty or fails the secure erasure, then the item will either be securely destroyed or returned to the client

All successfully data wiped items are then approved for sale, including any remaining salvaged stock, ensuring that you have the peace of mind that your goods are compliant with the latest data laws and guidelines.


David Harper

Head of John Pye Technical


07852 812 106

Contact the John Pye Technical team

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Email: technical@johnpye.co.uk

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