The Trade platform was created in 2020 in response to client’s requirements to offer a non-auction route to the secondary market. The team will support and advise on the prices to set, based on data from our sales database, to help you obtain a quick sale.

With a buyers database for virtually all stock types and conditions, from factory sealed, to returns, we have the reach to market and sell to a wide range of customers.

The benefits of using the Trade platform route is that, as a client, you get the benefit of access to our entire database of customers whilst having a set ‘Buy It Now’ price for your goods and the option to keep the goods at your premises. Trade platform goods do not have to rely on the sale period of the auction route, so goods in demand or competitively priced can be sold much quicker. This process also allows the buyer to buy a single pallet, up to an entire truckload. Should you decide that the Trade platform route to market isn’t effective for your goods, you can contact your Account Manager and switch this to an auction for a guaranteed sale of your goods.

Also, should a set of products be selling quickly and if demand warrants it, prices can be increased while the Trade product listing is live to capture the additional returns created through customer demand. With the ability to reduce the price should you wish to speed up the sales process.

We have sold a wide variety of goods of differing volume through the Trade platform, such as a single high value assets to even include a boat, with the majority of sales being mixed pallets, white goods, right through to 160 truckloads of car parts.

We are the one and only contact with the buyer, and we deal with the after sales and logistical operations, organising the delivery of goods sold, supporting both nationwide and international customers.

Contact the Trade team today to discuss your requirements and see the solution we can offer you and your business.



You will be assigned an experienced Account Manager who can offer a free appraisal and advise you on the best route to market and be available for assistance throughout the process.

Given the nature of the buyer profiles the Trade platform is most effective for wholesale items or large amounts of the same or similar stock. In comparison to the auction route where it may suffer from over exposure of too many similar lots and in turn, decreased returns, adding to that the additional time it would take to sell.

High value, single items where a fixed return is required. These can be the focus of a targeted marketing campaign to reach the buyers relevant to the item on offer, whether its jewellery, machinery or vehicles.

Stock that needs to be moved quick and in bulk such as food items with a short life are popular and sell well.

Assortment of goods (returns, refurbished or overstock) from a particular retail sector, such as car parts, where it has relevance and an opportunity for the buyer to utilise through their existing business.

Items can be held at our premises which is the best option if you wish to have the flexibility of converting to an auction sale should you need to have a guaranteed sale.

You can also hold the goods at you premises which works best for large items which are difficult or costly to move or deliver.

Whichever option you choose, John Pye Trade platform will arrange the onward delivery of goods to the buyer on your behalf.

Every sale has multiple high-resolution images to present the goods in the best possible way and assist the bidders

Our in-house marketing team can put your assets in-front of the correct buyers. With over 750,000 registered bidders, an engaged email database and a strong following through our social media channels. Creating campaigns to highlight entire sales or individual pieces to ensure the best returns for our clients.

Your sale will be professionally listed on our website and promoted by our Marketing team. Another advantage of the Trade platform is that longer descriptions can be given, describing the goods in the most detailed way. Supporting documents can also be attached such as user manual, manifest, or product specification. Any information you can provide can be listed. We can also include transport costs, links to supporting material, user manuals, and photos etc.

Sales are based on a commission structure, please contact one of our Account Managers to talk about the options available to you.

No payment is required until your goods are sold and paid for by winning bidder and then payment is deducted from the final sale price.

Payment is made 7-10 days after the month end of the sale. Payment is via bank transfer to the account of your choice.



Alan Avery

Associate Director | Commercial Manager

Tel: 0115 970 6060

Email: trade@johnpye.co.uk

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Retail     Business Assets     Vehicles     Luxury     Property     Technical