State-of-the-art wind turbine unveiled at our South Wales site

We have unveiled a major initiative in environmental sustainability by installing a state-of-the-art wind turbine at our South Wales site near Port Talbot. The £1.5 million investment is a pivotal step in the company’s commitment to reducing it's carbon footprint and aligns with the UK government’s Net Zero Strategy.

Expected to generate an impressive 2,000 MWh of energy annually, the wind turbine will cater to up to 70% of the daily electrical needs of the 13-acre South Wales site. Excess power generated will be seamlessly redirected back into the National Grid, benefiting local businesses and residents while boosting overall sustainability efforts.

Throughout the two-year project, we collaborated closely with renewable energy specialists Infinite Renewables Group. The comprehensive investment included ecological surveys to minimize the impact on local wildlife, showcasing a proactive approach to sustainability.

Rosalind Keen, Head of Legal, highlighted the installation’s significance in reducing carbon emissions, emphasizing the company’s alignment with the UK government’s targets.

Noel Mulready, Head of UK Sustainable Energy Projects, expressed enthusiasm about this milestone and hinted at more sustainability projects in the pipeline for sites across the UK and mainland Europe. This move signifies John Pye & Sons’ dedication to achieving carbon neutrality in the coming years.