Staff to share in a £2 million bonus

Staff are in line to receive a £2 million bonus following the company’s record results in the latest financial year.

With auction receipts reaching £119 million and turnover hitting £45 million, a 36% increase from the previous year, the business has experienced unprecedented success. New bidder registrations surged by 90%, marking an all-time high.

Managing Director Adam Pye expressed pride in the team’s hard work, attributing the success to high-profile projects and achievements. The in-house auction bidding platform contributed to improved client reporting and increased customer bidding activity.

Adam Pye commented, “I’m personally so proud we share our success like this as a business, particularly in the hard times certain businesses and individuals find themselves in. Every person in each band is so deserving of this reward; the hard work and commitment the team put in on behalf of John Pye’s really is appreciated.”

In addition to the discretionary Christmas bonus, we now offer exceptional employees the opportunity to win £6,000 each quarter through the Don Burton Award, honoring the memory of long-serving Don Burton.